Frequently Asked Questions

As a complete beginner, you should take the following steps to successfully purchase bitcoins and subsequently deposit it into one of your existing investment Portofolios with us.

Create your own wallet

Here are a few examples of places you can create a wallet. There are also tutorial videos to get you started.
Tutorial video(create)

Your wallet is like your personal ethereum bank account. Whenever you purchase ethereum online, it is sent to your wallet address and you can then send from your own wallet into your Mineethereum account. Also, whenever you withdraw funds from your Mineethereum account, it is sent to your specified wallet address where you have complete and anonymous control.

Purchase ethereum online.

Upon creation of your own personal wallet, the next step is to fund your wallet by buying ethereum online using any/all of the options below. Each option has varying payment methods(credit/debit cards, bank transfers, POLi, cash, e.t.c)
Here are a few examples with simple to follow tutorial vidoes; : Video : Video : Video : Video : Video